Leah Rogers, Co-founder

We met in a virtual Comedy class, and soon realized we care deeply about the same things in this world—spreading joy and helping people at every opportunity. We spoke about the vision for Cooper Cogburn and started asking some questions about how they would change the comedy world, like… 

Why can’t we use all formats of comedy—from stand up to sketch to improv to video to non-sensical and whimsical utterings from old people?

Why can’t comedy be for everyone at all ages? From Curly Sue who just turned 5 to Crazy, Grammpa Roy who is 95 and wondering why a microwave oven makes you a better bowler.

From the current “turn-of-the-century” babies all the way to the former “turn-of-the-century” babies and everybody in between (except you, Dirk).


Chris Tabish, Co-founder

Could comedy be both family-friendly and engaging in a fun, safe atmosphere? No…but I mean funny too.

Could comedy also be used to inspire and not just pick on people from Utah?

Could comedy be used to help both the people attending the event and also people around the world who need an extra hand, money, food and maybe Huggies?

Can we give “up and coming” comedians a shot at a bigger stage?

Can we use comedy to build deeper connections with one another?

On this premise,

Cooper Cogburn was formed.

Cooper Cogburn is dedicated making people laugh, helping people and giving the underdog a shot.

If you’re interested in attending, performing, donating or just want to reach out and say hi, please get in touch with us.


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